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Work injury prevention and rehabilitation since 1997

An extensive background in the rehabilitation of injured workers served as the inspiration for Ergo Solution since 1997. Assessment and treatments of all types of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSD) led to our mission of preventing such injuries.

Ergo Solution is a group of industrial physical therapists and board certified ergonomists. They are medical professionals specially-trained in human biomechanics as it relates to musculo-skeletal function, work, injury, and disease. Their training emphasizes musculo-skeletal movement, posture and related orthopaedic problems, including ergonomics and human biomechanics. This specialty involves both physics and medical sciences: thus, the term "physical" therapist.

Ergonomic physical therapists go beyond a narrow focus on design engineering, to include additional strategies that improve work tolerance, decrease tissue damage, and increase repair of wear damage to working tissues. Our physical therapists have undergone the rigourous medical school-based physical therapy education, plus many years of orthopaedic experience managing work-related injury and disease.

Ongoing postgraduate education has emphasized advanced training in ergonomics and musculoskeletal injury care and prevention, including training from international ergonomics physical therapy authorities.

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Mark Nolte, MA, PT, CIE

Mark Nolte, a licensed Physical Therapist and board certified ergonomist, has been involved in industrial medicine since 1994 and has over 10 years experience in office and industrial ergonomics. Services range from company wide ergonomic programs to complicated individual workstation evaluations and training. These services have been provided to numerous industry types including printing, lifesciences, technology, and government. Mr. Nolte has helped several companies obtain VPP certification with OSHA. He has managed on-site programs including physical therapy, pre-claim, early intervention care, and ergonomic programs. Results have included a 71% decrease in musculoskeletal disorder recordables and a 64% decrease in lost work days in year one of program implementation.

Mr. Nolte owns Ergo Solution, Inc.; a company dedicated to protecting clients with custom, unique workplace injury prevention programs. Extensive post-graduate education, research, and experience combine to facilitate returning injured clients to work and reducing work injury claims and lost workdays. Ergo Solution's programs have been implemented in a variety of work places with tremendous success. Mark Nolte is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and Oxford Research Institute.

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